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The difference between an activity, lesson, and vocabulary set

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There are many different options when it comes to creating content for your library. To help find out what works for you, here is an overview of the types of content you can create.


Creating an activity allows you the freedom to create the content that works best for your course goals. There are a wide range of different types of activities you can create. 

More information on the types of activities can be found here.


This content option gives you the ability to create instructional lessons for your class that do not include student responses. There are no restrictions on what type of lesson you can create. Some of the many useful features of lessons include text blocks, uploading files, uploading a PowerPoint presentation, inserting or linking to a video, adding images, and ect.

Vocabulary Sets

Creating a vocabulary set is an effective way to enhance your students understanding of vocabulary. For in depth vocabulary learning, features such as displaying the part of speech, gender, and number of terms are included. With Lingco it easy to import vocabulary sets you may have already created on other platforms such as Quizlet, Word, Excel, and ect. 

More information on creating vocabulary sets can be found here


You can use folders to keep your content library organized and easy to use.

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