Vocabulary Set Overview

What a vocabulary set is and how vocabulary sets work

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What Vocabulary Sets Are

Lingco's vocabulary sets are an effective way to enhance your students understanding of vocabulary. For in depth vocabulary learning, features such as displaying the part of speech, gender, and number of terms are included. With Lingco, it's easy to import vocabulary sets you may have already created on other platforms such as Quizlet, Word, Excel, ect.

More information on creating vocabulary sets can be found here.

How Vocabulary Sets Work

Lingco’s vocabulary sets help each individual student learn vocabulary independently by automatically creating personalized learning sessions that uses adaptive questioning to figure out which terms they know and which terms they should learn next. Our algorithm also changes the way the terms are presented to students as they progress through the learning session. It gives students immediate feedback and resequences after each response.

Learn New Terms

To start a personalized learning session, students will click Learn New Terms. If they haven't fully learned any of the terms yet, then the review button will be disabled.

After completing a learning session, students will be able to see a progress bar underneath each term. Once the progress bar is full for a term in the set, the term has been successfully learned and the "ready to learn" underneath it will change to "review in x hours" or "review in x days".

Once all terms in the set have been learned, the learn new terms button will be disabled. Students will then be able to review the learned terms.

Review Learned Terms

Lingco recommends that students come back to the vocab set to review learned terms so that those terms can adequately transition from a student's short-term memory to their long-term memory. They'll do this by clicking Review.

That amount of time will increase when they revisit the terms. For example, it may go from "review in 12 hours", to "review in two days", to 4 days, 8 days, etc. There isn't an exact period of time, since it changes per student and per word - depending on the system's prediction of when the students need to return. Students can always review the terms earlier than the suggested time period, as well. They can click the review button as frequently as they'd like!

Students will always be able to either click Learn New Terms or Review - they'll always be able to do at least one of these actions.

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