Creating a Vocabulary Set

How to create a vocabulary set

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Begin by going to the Content Library. From the Create New menu on the right, click Vocabulary Set.

If you have a set already created somewhere else, import it by selecting Word, Excel, Quizlet, Ect.

From here copy and paste your data into the box that appears. Make sure you specify how your attributes and terms are separated so that Lingco can create your set correctly. Once you are happy with the preview, click Import Items.

To add more terms, click New Term. 

For each term, enter the term in the target language, definition in the native language, part of speech and gender for each card. 

When working with many similar terms, you can select multiple terms at once to speed up the process. If the entire set is similar, you can use the selection tool at the top of the screen to select all of the terms at once.  You can also reorder terms by dragging them.

Once finished with your vocabulary set, select Create Set.

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