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LTI Single Sign On with Canvas
LTI Single Sign On with Canvas

How to add Single Sign on to Lingco in your Canvas course

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Getting Started

Using this integration, your students will be able to skip the normal registration and login process by simply clicking a link in your Canvas course. They will be automatically logged in through a linked account. If they do not already have a Lingco account, one will be created for them using their student information from Canvas. You will only need to perform this process once per course.

If instructors at your institution are not allowed to install LTI tools, you can skip this article. Your Canvas Admin will need to work with us to get the LTI integration setup at the account level. They can follow the guide here. After they install the Lingco LTI at the account level, you will be able to enable the Lingco LTI App by following the guide here.

Creating One-Click Login Link

First login to your instructor account on Canvas and your instructor account on Lingco Classroom. Then navigate to your course on Canvas and click Settings. On the Settings page, select the Apps tab and search for Lingco Classroom.

On the next screen, click Add App.

Finding Your LMS Consumer Key and Secret on Lingco

To get the Consumer Key and Shared Secret, open Lingco Classroom in a different browser tab, then select the correct Lingco course in your course list. You'll then click Course Details on the course dashboard.

Copy the Consumer key and Shared secret into Canvas, click Submit and you're done! Your students can now click the Lingco link in the course navigation bar to sign on automatically to Lingco.

Note: This process will need to be repeated for each course, since each course has a unique consumer key and shared secret.

Automatic grade, roster and assignment syncing is also available with Canvas. To learn more, click here.

Manual Configuration

Alternatively, you can also configure Lingco manually by clicking View App Configurations.

Next, click + App which will bring up a popup. Change the Configuration Type to By URL.

Use the following settings:


Configuration Type: By URL

Name: Lingco Login

Consumer Key: Found in Course Details on Lingco (See Above)

Shared Secret: Found in Course Details on Lingco (See Above)

Note: If necessary to configure the tool by manual entry, use as the launch URL and ensure that privacy is set to public. Lingco needs both the name and email in order to link the account.

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