Syncing Data with Canvas

How to sync assignments, grades, and course rosters with Canvas

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Before being able to sync data with Canvas, we'll need an API Key for your institution's Canvas instance. This process is typically handled by your administrator and instructions can be found here.

Connecting your Course

To connect your course, go to Edit Course, and click Authorize Canvas. This will take you to your institution's Canvas instance where you'll be asked to give permission to access data on your behalf.

Once Canvas has been authorized, you'll have a list of available courses.

Find your course in the list and then click Connect.

Then click Save and then save at the top of the edit course page.

Syncing Rosters

Before transferring data, you'll need to sync your Canvas and Lingco rosters. To do this, go to the Course Roster, click Add and Invite Students, and then click the Sync with Canvas button.

Sharing Assignments

To share a graded assignment (vocabulary set or activity) on Canvas, navigate to the assignment and under the grading panel, click the Share as Graded Assignment button. This will create an equivalent assignment on Canvas with the same due date and number of points. If a grading category is set, then the assignment will be added to the corresponding assignment group if one is found.

Syncing Grades

Once an assignment has been shared, the Sync Grades with Canvas button can be clicked to send the grades to Canvas.

When we send grades to Canvas, we send them as a percentage. So, if you adjust the rules of the assignment like the number of points, make it pass/fail, etc. the assignment should adapt accordingly.

Common Errors

I shared the assignment but I don't see it in Canvas

If no grading category was set, or if we didn't find a matching one in Canvas, then Canvas places it in the first assignment category that it finds. To find the assignment, click on the assignments tab in Canvas and search for it by name. The Canvas assignment will have the same name as the Lingco assignment.

I see the assignment in Canvas but I don't see my students' grades after syncing

Verify that your roster is checked. When you sync the roster, we look for a match for each student and store their Canvas user ID in Lingco. If this step doesn't happen, we won't be able to assign a grade for a student and they will be skipped.

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