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LTI Single Sign On with Canvas Account Installation
LTI Single Sign On with Canvas Account Installation

The process for setting the Lingco LTI App at an account level. Read if an organization does not allow instructors to install LTI Apps.

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Getting Started

This guide is designed to walk a Canvas Admin through setting up a root level installation of Lingco. In order to complete this guide you will need to reach out to our customer support chat to setup a time to get your consumer key and shared secret.

After installing this integration, instructors at your organization will be able to add the Lingco LTI App to their course navigation. Then, your students will be able to skip the normal registration and login process by simply clicking a link in your Canvas course. They will be automatically logged in through a linked account. If they do not already have a Lingco account, one will be created for them using their student information from Canvas.

Install LTI App

Click on the admin tab in the left navigation on Canvas. Select the account you wish to install the Lingco LTI App for. If you have many accounts at your organization that will be using Lingco, we recommend installing the app at the root account level which will be first in this list.

Now, click on settings at the bottom of the left nav.

Then, click "Apps".

Click "+ App".

Enter the following into the form:

Configuration Type: "By URL".

Name: "Lingco LTI App"

Consumer Key: provided by customer support

Shared Secret: provided by customer support

Enabling the Lingco LTI App in Course Navigation

Now that the Lingco LTI App has been installed at the account level, any instructor in that account should see the Lingco LTI in their navigation settings for a course.

Click on courses and select a course you wish to enable the Lingco LTI App for.

Click on "Settings", then select the "Navigation" tab.

You should see the Lingco LTI App in a disabled state. In order to enable it, drag and drop it to the position you wish for it to appear in your course navigation and then hit "Save". You'll then see that Lingco appears in the course navigation.

In order to test the integration, click on "Lingco" and Lingco will launch in a new tab.

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