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How to create a course as an Instructor

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As an instructor, creating a course is your first step on the Lingco Classroom platform.

To begin, click Create Course under the Current Courses menu on the left sidebar.

In the Course Name field, use a recognizable name such as "FRN 101 SS18". It's useful to add either a section number and / or semester so that you can identify it as you accumulate more courses. The Language field represents the language taught. The Default Due Time will be used as the default for assignments - though you can override it on an individual basis. The Start Date is when the course becomes visible to the students and the End Date is when it becomes archived. For the Description, you can add useful information such as course goals, office hours, or a link to the syllabus. You can edit this information at any time from the Course Dashboard.

The new course will not be available to students until you decide to add them. Since instructor accounts are always free, you can take your time to experiment with creating content on the platform prior to adding students to the course.

Once you have created the course and the start date is reached, students can create an account and join your course using a unique course code or invite from an instructor.

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