Adding Users to a Course

How to add Students and Instructors to your course

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NOTE: Don't give out the course codes you see in the video - your course codes will be different. Every course in Lingco has a unique course code.

Start by navigating to the course dashboard and clicking Roster the right sidebar.

Then click Add/Invite to Course, which will display a popup with options on adding students and instructors. There will be a student tab and an instructor tab. The codes for adding students and instructors are different, so make sure you're on the right tab.

NOTE: If you invite an instructor to your course, they'll join the course with instructor privileges.

There are multiple ways to add users to your course:

  • You can provide them with a Course Code and instruct them to navigate to the Join Course page.

  • Or, you can enter a list of email addresses and we'll send them an email inviting them to your course. NOTE: If your school administrator has restrictions set on the emails used, make sure that school emails are used. When finished, click Invite Students or Invite Instructors, depending on which users you're adding.

  • Or, you can share the link to the course with them.

NOTE: Each course in Lingco has its own specific course code. Do not give the codes in the screenshots below to users.

Additionally, if you have a Learning Management System such as Brightspace Desire2Learn, Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, or Moodle, you can set up an integration between Lingco and your LMS which will enable single sign on. See our Integration section for more information.

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