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Setting Up Canvas API Integration
Setting Up Canvas API Integration

How to configure grade and roster syncing with Canvas

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Beyond the standard Canvas LTI Integration which enables students to Single Sign-On from their Canvas course to their Lingco course, Lingco's API Canvas integration enables instructors to sync grading and course roster information between the two systems.

Developer Key

In order to complete the API integration, you must first create a Developer Key within your Canvas account. Navigate to the Admin panel, to your school account, and then to the Developer Keys page.

Once there, click + Developer Key and choose + API Key.

Enter the settings for the developer key:

  • Key Name [1]: Lingco Classroom

  • Owner Email [2]: [email protected]

  • Redirect UI (Legacy) [4]: Leave Blank

  • Vendor Code (LTI 2) [5]: Leave Blank

  • Icon URL [6]: Leave Blank

  • Notes [7]: Optional notes such as the reason it was created

  • Test Cluster Only [8]: Leave Unchecked

After saving the key, turn the state from Off to On to enable it for use.

Once the key has been created, reach out to our engineering team either through the live chat or at [email protected] to finalize the installation. Sending them the App ID, Developer Key, and Canvas domain.

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