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Importing a Vocabulary Set from Word or Google Docs
Importing a Vocabulary Set from Word or Google Docs

How to import a vocabulary set from word or google docs

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Vocabulary sets created in a Word document or Google Docs can be easily imported into Lingco with just a few steps. First, navigate to your Word document or Google Doc and copy the vocabulary set content so you can paste it on Lingco.

After copying the text, create a new Vocabulary Set on Lingco and import the set content by selecting Import From Word, Excel, Quizlet, Etc.

If you don't know how to create a new Vocabulary set, please refer to our Creating a Vocabulary Set help article.

Now paste the vocabulary set content into the text box and select how the terms are separated with Between Attributes and Between Terms. In this example, the attributes are separated with commas and between terms there is a new line.

Once you have completed these steps, select Import Terms to finish importing your vocabulary set.

And that's it! We hope that this process makes it easy to migrate existing content from Word or Google Docs to Lingco.

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