Viewing Student Grades

How to view student grades and progress

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To view student grades, start by clicking on Gradebook on the right sidebar.

Directly to the right of each student's name you'll see a circle with a number in it. That represents the overall grade for each student, and is calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible for all graded activities currently available to a student.

NOTE: You can also click on a specific assignment to view student submissions for that assignment.

Next, click on a student's name.

You'll now be able to see their grades on the coursework they've been assigned. You can also view their progress on vocabulary sets by clicking on Vocab Stats.

You also have the option to grant the student an extension on one, or multiple activities. Just select the activities you wish to grant an extension on by clicking the circle next to the name of the activities and click Grant Extension. You will be asked to enter the new due date.

You have the option to disable the timer on vocabulary sets and allow extended time on timed assignments. For more information on this, please refer to the Disabling Timer and Extending Time on Timed Assignments help article.

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