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Disabling Timer and Extending Time on Timed Assignments
Disabling Timer and Extending Time on Timed Assignments

How to disable the timer and extend time on timed assignments

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We realize that some students may need certain accommodations on vocabulary sets and assignments. That's why Lingco Classroom gives instructors the ability to disable the timer on vocabulary sets and allow extended time on timed assignments on a student by student basis.

To do this, start by navigating to the course dashboard and clicking Roster on the right sidebar.

Next, click on the student's name that you'd like to change these settings for.

Finally, click on the Disable Timer on Vocab Sets and/or Allow Extended Time on Timed Assignments toggles under the student's information.

Times additional is the amount of extra time you give your student, as a multiple of the actual time for the timed assignment. In this example, putting 1.5 into that field means that your student will have 90 minutes to complete a 60 minute assignment.

And that's it! You now know how to disable the timer and allow students extended time on timed assignments.

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