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Configuring Lingco SSO with Google and Google Classroom
Configuring Lingco SSO with Google and Google Classroom

How to configure Lingco SSO in Google Classroom

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Changes to Google Workspace for Education now require that third party apps such as Lingco have explicit approval from the Google Admin (read: IT admin for a district). Prior to these changes, Lingco may or may not have been previously configured as trusted, limited, or blocked access.

Getting Started

This article outlines how to approve Lingco as a configured app in Google Workspace for Education. This applies to users using Google as a SSO and users using Lingco's Google Classroom integration.

In order to set up Lingco SSO in Google Classroom, you must be a Google Administrator. If you're a Google Admin, please ensure you have access to the App Access Control page in your Google Admin Console. If you're unable to log in to that link with your school (or district) assigned school credentials, you'll need to have an administrator with additional privileges install this integration.

Configuring Lingco

  1. Go to the App Access Control page in your Google Admin Console.

  2. Click View List at the bottom of the Configured app box in the header. This should bring you to the list of managed third-party apps that'll allow you to add a new app.

  3. Then, click the Add app dropdown in the Configured apps table. Select the option OAuth App Name Or Client ID from the dropdown.

  4. Search for Lingco Classroom. You can also search by the client ID.

  5. Check the box that contains the Client ID. Then, click Select.

  6. Select "all users" and click Continue.

  7. Click Trusted and then click Continue. Review the information, then click Finish.

Lingco should now appear in your list of configured apps!

Testing the Integration

Please test your integration by logging into Lingco using the Google button on our account registration or login page.

Please contact our customer support chat or send an email to [email protected] to let us know that you're integrating Google Classroom with Lingco so that we can ensure we configure that as your primary LMS.

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