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Syncing Data with Google Classroom
Syncing Data with Google Classroom

How to sync course rosters, assignments and grades with Google Classroom

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Connecting your Course

To connect your Google Classroom course to your Lingco course, first click on Edit Course on the right sidebar in Lingco from your course dashboard.

Then scroll down the edit course page and click Authorize Google Classroom. This will take you to your institution's Google Classroom instance where you'll be asked to give permission to access data on your behalf.

Once Google Classroom has been authorized, you'll see a list of your available courses to connect. You're also able to search for a specific course using the search bar. Find your course in the list and then click Connect.

Once your course is connected, click Save in the window, then scroll up to the top of the edit course page and click Save again.

NOTE: You'll need to click Save twice!

Syncing Rosters

Before transferring data, you'll need to sync your Google Classroom and Lingco rosters. To do this, click on Roster on the right sidebar in Lingco, then click +Add/Invite to Course, then click the Sync with Google Classroom button.

Sharing Assignments

To share a graded assignment (vocabulary set or activity) with Google Classroom, navigate to the assignment in Lingco. Make sure you have configured the availability and grading options to your liking. Click on the grading panel, then click the Share as Graded Assignment button. This will create an equivalent assignment in your Google Classroom course with the same due date and number of points. If a grading category is set, then the assignment will be added to the corresponding assignment group if one is found.

Enrolling Students in your Lingco course

Once you share an assignment with Google Classroom, your students will be able to click the assignment, then click the Lingco link within the assignment to go directly to Lingco.

IMPORTANT: Your students need to click the Google button on the Lingco account registration/login page and use their school Google account to create their Lingco account. This ensures they're using the correct email, allows them to skip the account confirmation process and makes it easier for them to log in to Lingco in the future.

Syncing Grades

Once an assignment has been shared and students have completed it, the Sync Grades with Classroom button can be clicked to send the grades to your Google Classroom course. You can click this button as many times as needed (e.g., to continue to update students' grades in Google Classroom as they complete the assignment).

When we send grades to Google Classroom, we send them as a percentage. So, if you adjust the rules of the assignment like the number of points, make it pass/fail, etc. the assignment should adapt accordingly.

Common Errors

I shared the assignment but I don't see it in Google Classroom

If no grading category was set (or if we didn't find a matching one in Google Classroom), then Google Classroom places it in the first assignment category that it finds. The Google Classroom assignment will have the exact same name as the Lingco assignment.

I see the assignment in Google Classroom, but I don't see my students' grades after syncing

Verify that your roster is checked. Do this by clicking the +Add/Invite to Course button on the Lingco Roster page and then click Sync with Google Classroom again. When you sync the roster, we look for a match for each student and store their Google ID in Lingco. If this step doesn't happen, we won't be able to assign a grade for a student and they will be skipped. If your roster is up to date, you'll see the image below pop up.

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