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How to Add Activity Prerequisites
How to Add Activity Prerequisites

How to add other activities as prerequisites to an activity

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What is an activity prerequisite?

An activity prerequisite is a requirement for a different activity in the same course to be 100% complete by your students before they can access the activity.

How to add a prerequisite

  1. From the modules page, click on the availability panel on the activity you want to add prerequisites to.

  2. At the bottom of the availability panel you'll see a title "PREREQUISITES".
    To add one, click the + ADD PREREQUISITES button.

  3. Now, you'll have a pop up with all of the modules in the course and their activities. Click the blue plus ( + ) icon next to the activity that you want to be the prerequisite.

  4. You're done! Your students will see a message telling them what they need to complete when going to view that activity.

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