How to Grant an Extension

How to grant an extension to students and when to do it

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Granting an extension on an assignment can be useful if you'd like to give a student who didn't submit the assignment by the due date another opportunity to do so (and receive credit), or if you want students who submitted the assignment late to receive credit for their work.

Instructors have the option to allow late submissions for assignments on Lingco. However, students who submit the assignment late will still receive a zero as a grade. If you'd like to override this, and give those students who submitted late credit for their work, you can grant them an extension on the assignment.

To do this, navigate to the Gradebook and click on the specific assignment.

Or, you can navigate to your modules, click on the assignment, and then click on the submissions icon.

Next, click on the circle(s) next to the student(s) name(s) that you'd like to grant an extension to for the assignment. Once you do this, you'll see a Grant Extension button appear. Click on Grant Extension.

A window will pop up prompting you to set a new end date for the activity, choose how many attempts the student(s) have used, and reset the start time (if it's a timed assignment).

Setting a New End Date

To set a new end date, click in the box under New End Date and a calendar will pop up. When setting a new end date for the assignment, make sure you choose a date sometime after the original due date, or after the student's last submission (any future date will work).

Attempts Used

You have the ability to "reset" students' attempts on the assignment. If you only allowed 1 attempt on the assignment, you should put a 0 in this area. If you allowed multiple attempts (e.g., 2, 5, 10, etc.), you can place whatever number you want in this area that is less than the total number of attempts allowed. For example, if you allowed 2 attempts on the activity and placed a 0 in this area, your students would have 2 more attempts on the assignment.

Selecting a number less than the total number of attempts allowed on the assignment allows the grades of these students to automatically update upon submitting the extension (for all autogradable prompts - so long as you have grade automatically enabled for the assignment).

Reset Start Time

If you made this particular assignment a timed assignment, you'll need to click on the circle next to Reset Start Time before clicking submit and granting an extension. If you didn't make this assignment a timed assignment, then you don't need to click on this circle.

When you have finished changing these settings, click Submit.

Updating Student Grades

If you have grade automatically enabled for this assignment, the student(s) grade(s) that you granted an extension to should automatically update and give them credit for their work.

If you don't have grade automatically enabled, but would like to have all autogradable prompts in the assignment automatically graded to immediately update the student(s) grade(s), you can click on Auto Grade Selected.

NOTE: If you've successfully granted an extension to your student(s), you will see a calendar icon with a clock next to the date/time of their last submission under the Last Submitted column on the assignment submissions page.

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