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Syncing Data with Schoology

How to sync assignments, grades, and course rosters with Schoology

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Getting Started

In addition to installing our Schoology App for easy login, you can also sync your course roster and share assignments to Schoology from Lingco.

Connecting Courses

To connect your Schoology course to Lingco, go to the Course Dashboard and click Edit Course and Authorize Schoology.

Once you complete the authorization workflow, you'll be able to connect your schoology courses to Lingco. Note that you should only connect the equivalent courses (Schoology French 102 to Lingco French 102). For other courses such as French 101, those should be connected in the Lingco French 101 Course.

If you have sections enabled in Lingco, you can map your Schoology sections to Lingco sections (students in section 1 of Schoology will be enrolled in section 1 of Lingco).

After your classes are connected, click save and then save your changes on the Edit Course page.

Syncing Course Rosters

Next, navigate to the Course Roster and click Add and Invite Students. You'll now be able to sync your Lingco roster with your Schoology roster.

This works by matching the emails of students in your Lingco course with the emails of students in your Schoology course. Students who are in your Schoology course but not your Lingco course will receive an email invitation to join your Lingco course.

Note that in order for this to work, Schoology must have the emails of your students on record. If this is not the case, reach out to our support and we may be able to work with you to match the students based on the student id.

Syncing Grades

To sync and assignment and its grades with Schoology, navigate to the module item and click Share as Graded Assignment. This will create an assignment in your Schoology class with the same due date and point value. The assignment will be added to a grading category named Lingco. If the category does not already exist, it'll be created.

Once the assignment has been created, you can click Sync Grades with Schoology which will send your current grades for that assignment to the corresponding Schoology assignment.

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