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LTI Single Sign On with Blackboard (Classic)
LTI Single Sign On with Blackboard (Classic)

How to set up Single Sign on from your Blackboard Classic to Lingco course

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Getting Started

Using this integration, your students will be able to skip the normal registration and login process by simply clicking a link in your Blackboard course. They will be automatically logged in through a linked account. If they do not already have a Lingco account, one will be created for them using their student information from Blackboard. You will only need to perform this process once per course.

Note: Blackboard has several versions. This guide is for the classic view of Blackboard. To see the newer ultra version, click here.

Creating One-Click Login Link

Start by navigating to the course in your Blackboard using your instructor account and under the Build Content menu, select Web Link.

You should be presented with a form like this. However, different versions of blackboard may look slightly different.

Use the following settings:


Tool: Lingco Login

This link is to a Tool Provider: checked

Custom Parameters: Leave blank

Key: Found in Course Details on Lingco (See Below)

Secret: Found in Course Details on Lingco (See Below)

Note: If you see a notification stating that the link is not valid or that it has not been approved by the administrators, you will need to add Lingco to the list of external learning tools that your university. For instructions, click here.

Finding Your LMS Consumer Key and Secret on Lingco

To get the Consumer Key and Shared Secret, open Lingco Classroom in a different browser tab, navigate to the Course Dashboard in your course and click Course Details.

Copy the Consumer key and Shared secret into the Blackboard form.

At the bottom of the form, check yes for Open in New Window.

After that, you’re done! Your students can now click the Login Login link to sign on automatically to Lingco.

Note: This process will need to be repeated for each course since each course has a unique consumer key and shared secret.

Adding Lingco to Approved Tools in Blackboard Classic (Admin)

If the web link was rejected, you will need to approach the administrators of your school’s global Blackboard settings. An administrator will have to follow these steps to add Lingco to the approved tool list:

  1. On the Administrator Panel (System Admin), under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.

  2. Click Basic LTI Tool Providers.

  3. Click Register Provider Domain.

  4. Add the Provider Domain (NOTE: depending on your Blackboard configuration, you may need to drop the https:// from this URL):

  5. Select the Provider Domain Status - Approved. Approved is the default and is required to use the tool. Choosing Excluded will prevent users from adding Tool Links to that Provider.

None of the other settings are applicable to Lingco, so click save and test if instructors can now access the approved tool.

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