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Cloning a Template Course

How to clone a template course and invite students

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Lingco has partnered with textbook publishers and universities to bring their courses and content to our platform. Such template courses include: Alif Baa, Al-Kitaab 1, Al-Kitaab 2, C'est ce qu'on dit, Comme on Dit, Confluence Francophone, Francais Interactif, Gramática para la composición, Oui Je Peux, Panorama, Rodnaya rech', and Golosa.

To clone a template course once you have been granted access to it, follow these steps.

First, click Courses on the left sidebar and click on + Create Course. If you do not see the sidebar, zoom out until it appears.

Next, hover your cursor over the left panel and click on Create From Template.

After you click Create From Template, you'll see this window will pop up. Select the course you'd like to use, then click "Use Template" at the bottom.

You'll need to give your course a unique name.

You also have the options to set a New Start Date* and a New End Date* for your course, set the default due time, etc. You can always configure these settings at a later time by clicking "Edit Course".

*Due dates for all activities must fall within the course's Start and End Date

Once you're ready to clone the course, click Create Course.

Adding and Inviting Students

Once the template course has been cloned, navigate to your courses and click on your newly named, cloned course.

Next, click on Roster on the right side bar.

Click on Add and Invite Students.

You'll see this window pop up.

NOTE: The course code and share link below are examples. Yours will be different!

You can either give your students the unique course code, invite them via email, or share the link with them so they can access your course.

Payment and Textbook Access Codes

Once your students create a Lingco account and get access to your course, they'll see a banner on their screen prompting them to pay for access or enter a textbook code (if applicable).

NOTE: Students will have a 14-day trial period before payment or a textbook code is required. If they don't input a textbook access code or submit payment before the trial period ends, they will lose access to your course.

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