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Assigning Vocabulary Sets and Automatic Grading
Assigning Vocabulary Sets and Automatic Grading

How to assign vocab sets and view student grades

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Assigning Sets

Once you have created a module, you can assign a vocabulary set by first selecting Add Content and then From Content Library.

Next, select the vocabulary set from the Content Library. If you created the set, it can be found under the first tab My Content. Other sets can be found in School Content, Global Content, and Shared With Me.

Click on the plus ( + ) sign icon to add the vocabulary set to your module. To get out of the pop up window, click anywhere outside of it.

To assign the vocabulary set, click on the set. Then, click on the Assign To Class toggle.

After you click on the Assign to Class toggle, you'll see two drop-down tabs appear underneath labeled Availability and Grading.

The Availability tab allows you to select start and end dates for your students to complete the vocabulary set, and to set dates by section (if you have more than one section of the class).

The Grading tab allows you to select a grading category, which can be used in the gradebook to group similar assignments together (i.e. homework, quizzes, vocabulary sets, etc.), and to create an optional abbreviated short name for the vocabulary set that will be displayed in the gradebook.

Grading Sets

Vocabulary sets are graded automatically. Once the vocabulary set is made available to students, you will be able to view student grades on your Dashboard under Gradebook.

You can also track daily class progress by clicking on Vocab Stats on your dashboard.

To receive full credit, students need to learn all terms in the set. If students have not completed the set by the end date, their grade reflects the percentage of terms they had learned before the deadline. Students are not penalized for incorrect answers and have unlimited attempts to learn each term before the end date of the set. After the end date, students are still able to learn, review, and complete a speed review sessions for further study.

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