Start by navigating to your course dashboard and clicking on Gradebook on the right sidebar.

Next, click on the Filtering and Sorting icon next to the word "Gradebook".

Gradebook Filters

You have the ability to filter your gradebook by Modules, Grading Categories, and Sections (if you have more than 1 section for the course).

If you click on one of these filter options, a drop-down box will appear allowing you to pick how you want to filter your gradebook.

Clicking on the Group Grades By drop-down tab allows you to group grades by module or grading category.

Clicking on the Sort Roster By drop-down tab allows you to sort your roster by first name, last name, or by grade.

By clicking on the Display Grades As drop-down tab, you'll be able to display grades as a percentage or by point values.

Exporting the Gradebook

If you want to export your gradebook, simply click on the Export button at the upper right-hand corner of the gradebook screen.

You have the ability to export the gradebook to your existing Learning Management System (LMS) that your school uses, or to export it as a standard CSV file.

And that's it! You now know how to filter, sort, and export your gradebook.

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