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Using the Content Library
Using the Content Library

How to use the content library

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The content library allows instructors to share their content with other instructors and their school library, and pull content from Lingco's Global Library.

To access the content library, click Library on the left sidebar.

Click where it says Personal to navigate between your personal library, your school library, Lingco's global library, and your shared library.

Sharing Content

To share content with your school library, or other instructors, navigate to your personal library and click on the three dot icon under the specific content item, then click share.

A window will pop up allowing you to add the content item to your school library and/or to invite people to view or edit the content item.

Adding Content to your School Library

To add the content item to your school library, simply click on the Add to School Library toggle.

Sharing Content with Instructors

To share the content with other instructors, type their names or email address. Then choose if they can just view your content, or edit it by clicking on the dropdown menu where it says View.

Viewing the Content Library

If you want to view the content in the library in list form, click on the List View icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can click on this icon to switch between List View and Grid View.

Using Lingco's Global Content Library

You can use all of the content in Lingco's global content library. You can add the content directly to your course, or you can duplicate the content (which will create a copy of it in your personal library), then modify it to your liking before adding it to your course.

Creating Content

You can also create new activities, lessons, vocabulary sets, and folders by clicking on Create New in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

And that's it! You now know how to use the content library.

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