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Signing Up for Lingco Classroom with a Google Account
Signing Up for Lingco Classroom with a Google Account

How to Create a Lingco Account with a Google Account

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Start by navigating to the Lingco Classroom login page and click Sign Up.

You'll be redirected to an Account Registration page. Click on the Google button at the bottom.

If you haven't signed in to Google yet, you'll see a standard Google Sign in page. Enter your email address and password to continue. Be sure to use your institutional email address so we can link you to the proper institution.

You'll need to give Lingco permission to view your name and email. Click on the blue Allow button to continue.

You'll be redirected to the Account Registration Page. Some information will be automatically filled in. Fill in the remaining fields and then click on the Continue Registration button.

Instructors will be required to enter an Instructor Code. If you don't have one, just click on the purple chat bubble at the bottom-right corner of the page and we will provide you with one.

Next, you'll need to verify your school. Lingco may automatically suggest a school based on your email address, or you may have to verify your school by entering your school's name or postal code.

Once you verify your school, we'll send you a confirmation email which will activate your account and allow you to start using Lingco Classroom!

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