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Addressing issues with undelivered emails from Lingco
Addressing issues with undelivered emails from Lingco

How to make sure instructors and students receive emails from Lingco

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Lingco sends instructors and students emails for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Account confirmation

  • Course invitation

  • Password reset

If you aren't receiving emails from Lingco, you may need to work with your school's network administrator. They often have policies in place to prevent unauthorized emails from reaching students and instructors, but most of the time those policies have exceptions for educational tools like Lingco.

Please send this help article to your network administrator. They should be able to use the information provided below to unblock our emails.

Lingco email filter settings

All email from Lingco comes from the domain (or a subdomain). If your IT policies allow, we recommend approving all emails from that root domain, since it provides the broadest level of support.

If your IT policy only allows you to approve specific email accounts, please approve [email protected] and [email protected].

Lingco is happy to sign school-provided data privacy agreements if needed.

Alternate option - Single Sign-On (SAML)

If your school uses a SAML-based SSO provider, we can help you set up an integration with Lingco. This eliminates the need for Lingco to manage user accounts.

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