Multiple Choice Prompts

Configuration and intended use of a multiple choice prompt

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A Multiple Choice Prompt presents the student with a list of possible options in which they must choose the correct answer (or answers, in the case of multi-select questions).

Multiple Correct Answers

Instructors can allow for the selection of multiple answers by selecting the Multi-Select option. Students will be presented with checkboxes rather than radio buttons.

Shuffling Choices

Instructors can select Shuffle Choices option to randomize the order of the choices for each student each time they load the assignment.

Leaving Feedback

Instructors can be left by selecting the Show Feedback option. A text box will appear below each choice. The feedback will be shown to the student for their chosen options after they have used all of their attempts and the correct answers have been revealed.

Scoring Methods

For multi-select questions, there are three possible grading options:

  1. All or nothing - Student either receives full credit for selected all of the correct and none of the incorrect answers or no credit.

  2. Correct minus incorrect - Student receives points equal to the number of correct answers they choose minus the number of incorrect answers they choose.

  3. Correct - Student receives points for each correct answer selected and each incorrect answer left blank. Incorrect answers selected and correct answers not selected are not counted.

For all of the scoring methods, students cannot receive a negative score.

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