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LTI Single Sign On with Brightspace Desire2Learn
LTI Single Sign On with Brightspace Desire2Learn

How to set up Single Sign on from your Desire2Learn to Lingco course

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Getting Started

Using this integration, your students will be able to skip the normal registration and login process by simply clicking a link in your Desire2Learn (D2L) course. They will be automatically logged in through a linked account. If they do not already have a Lingco account, one will be created for them using their student information from Desire2Learn. You will only need to perform this process once per course.

Creating One-Click Login Link

First, log into your instructor account on D2L and your instructor account on Lingco Classroom. Then navigate to your homepage on D2L and click Edit Course. If you do not see Edit Course, look for Admin Tools. Click on the External Tools section.

Next, click New Link. In the Title field, enter something like “Lingco Classroom Login”, to indicate to the students where the link will take them. The URL will be: .

In the Description field you can write a short description of this link. Be sure to select Allow users to view this link, so that your students will be able to click and log into Lingco Classroom.

On Lingco Classroom, navigate to the Course Dashboard and click Course Details.

Here you will find the two fields that you need to fill out the form and set up the integration. Copy the Course ID into the Key field and the LMS Secret Key into the Secret field.

Depending on your version of Desire2Learn, you may see a “Security Settings” section like this one. If you do, make sure to check all the fields marked “Required” above.

Now click save. You should be able to test the new link yourself, clicking on it should log you into your account on the platform instantly.

Once you've verified that the connection works, navigate to the desired module, click Add Existing Activities, select External Learning Tools, and add Lingco Classroom.

As a last step, you'll want to select Bulk Edit and check the Open as External Resource checkbox so that Lingco Classroom will open in a separate tab rather than in D2L.

After that, you’re done! Your course will now have one-click login from your Desire2Learn page.

NOTE: You'll need to perform this process for each course since each course has a unique Course Code and Secret Key.

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